Talking about the house in Japan addresses the role of architecture and its meaning within urbanity and society as a whole. In Japan the concept of a home expands beyond the strict framework of its typical private program.


The contemporary house in Japan, which is sometimes generically described as the “Japanese house,” has not only retained a special status, but also defied expectation. Sometimes misunderstood, the houses in this exhibition are understood within their physical, cultural and social context. They usually evoke a strange and frantic race to novelty. Their relationship with tradition is often poorly defined. The very people who appreciate them for their creativity cannot help but question their habitability. This exhibition is divided into three sections and seeks to give clear historical and contextual cues to understanding the development of these places for living designed by architects in Japan.



Yesterday’s Homes: fourteen case studies of famous twentieth century homes, which are considered important precedents due not only to the living conditions they support, but also how they respond to the natural and built environment that surrounds them.


Tokyo Homes: a photographic documentary comprised of thirty-six house "portraits" and the environments they are situated in.


Today’s Homes: twenty case studies of houses that include interviews with their inhabitants and the architects, drawings, photographs and videos.

Today’s Homes listing :





2014 May 14th

2014 Sept. 5th

2014 Dec. 4th

2015 June 24th

2015 Sept. 15th

2016 Feb. 5th

2016 March 25th

2016 June 22nd

2016 Oct. 13th

House in Izukôgen

House and Office Bow-Wow

Aki-shima House

House kn

Kata House

Steel House

O House

House in Hanegi Park-Vista

House in Komazawa

Kiritoshi house

House in Zaimokuza


House in Kamakura

A Life With Large Opening

Boundary House

Deck House


Light Contour

House in Chiba

Window House














- 2014 July 30th

- 2014 Nov. 14th

- 2015 March 21st

- 2015 Sept. 7th

- 2015 Oct. 1st

- 2016 March 20th

- 2016 June 19th

- 2016 July 10th

- 2016 Dec. 17th

Yasushi HORIBE Arch. & Ass.

Atelier Bow-Wow

Taira NISHIZAWA Architects

KOCHI's Architects Studio

KAMO Kiwako & TARDITS Manuel

Kengo KUMA And Associates

Hideyuki NAKAYAMA Architecture

Shigeru BAN Architects

Go HASEGAWA & Associates



Jun IGARASHI Architects


ondesign & Partners architect office

Atelier Tekuto

TEZUKA Architects


mA-style architects

Suppose Design Office

Yasutaka YOSHIMURA Architects

Photos ©Jérémie Souteyrat

SPONSORS for the exhibition

The presentation of a Muji House has been made possible due to the generous support of Sadao